Global Regulatory Harmonization:
The industry needs one cohesive and proper set of rules that prioritizes consumer safety while allowing retailers to work at full capacity. This is what FJATA works towards.

Smart Trade Legislation:
The fashion jewelry and accessories industry is highly dependent on international trade and manufacturing. The association works with to ensure that trade policies of the United States support the success of our industry. Our team members often meet with federal and state officials to provide a credible voice for the industry.

Global Supply Chains:
The complexity of global supply chain and sourcing continues to increase for fashion and accessories companies. The FJATA team works with federal and state officials and are a part of groups including the National Shipper Advisory Committee (NSAC) and Freight Logistics Optimization Works (FLOW) that actively meet to resolve issues within the supply chain. We are proud to be in the conversation that is shaping the future of this industry towards our goal of harmonization.